Medical Leave in Singapore Mc

How many days of MC (colloquial term for medical leave) are employees entitled to under Singapore law?

Medical Leave in Singapore Mc

MC........that local Singapore phrase that means to go on medical leave, which is actually an abbreviation of "medical certificate" but used as a verb as in "to take MC".

How many days of MC are employees entitled to under Singapore law?

Well it depends on whether you fall under the Employment Act or not. Generally, employees earning less than S$4,500 a month are considered to fall under the protection of the Employment Act.

Section 89 of the Employment Act provides that an employee who has served an employer for more than 6 months shall after examination at the expense of the employer by a doctor be entitled to up to 14 days of medical leave and up to 60 days if hospitalisation is required

In the case of employees who work less than 6 months, the medical leave entitled is as follows:-

  1. Employees who have worked at least 3 months: 5 days and 15 days if hospitalisation is required;
  2. Employees who have worked at least 4 months: 8 days and 30 days if hospitalisation is required;
  3. Employees who have worked at least 5 months: 11 days and 45 days if hospitalisation is required;

What about employees who are not covered by the Employment Act ("Non-EA Employees")? Well, the medical leave entitlement for Non-EA Employees is contractual i.e. it is up to the employer and employee to agree on the number of days of medical leave an employee is entitled to. However, it is common for companies to offer the above medical leave benefits even to executive and management level Non-EA Employees.

Employees should note that the Employment Act specifically provides that (i) an employee who takes MC without seeing a doctor; or (ii) who gets an MC but fails to notify his employer within 48 hours, is deemed to have absented himself from work without the permission of his employer and without reasonable excuse.

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