A person makes a last Will and testament to provide for the administration and distribution of his assets among his Beneficiaries upon his death. It is advisable to engage a lawyer to draft your last Will and testament to ensure compliance with the Wills Act and Wills law.

Cost: $200 (HDB) / $500 (private property)

Fixed price irrespective of complexity, number of properties you have, the value of your assets and whether you want waterfall clauses, trust arrangements, guardianship arrangements etc and there are NO CONSULTATION OR HIDDEN CHARGES.


  1. Please book appointment by online system below AND check junk folder if you do not receive email confirmation

    We operate strictly by online appointment only.Please do not walk-in

    Opening hours Monday to SUNDAY 12pm to 6pm

  2. Download the questionnaire and email to ben@lavocatlaw.com

    If you fill up the questionnaire, the Will will be ready for checking and amendment on your appointment date and you can sign the Will in front of our lawyer and the other witness (lawyer or clerk) - this takes about 10 minutes.

    If you prefer to ask questions, then simply come down on appointment date, ask questions and it will be drafted on the spot (20 minutes) and you can check and amend the Will and then sign before our lawyer and the other witness.

  3. Come to our office on appointment date with NRIC ONLY. Beneficiaries and Executors do not need to come but MAY accompany Testator (person making the Will).

  4. After checking and ensuring that there are no more amendments to the Will, we will print two (2) originals (you can request for more) for you to bring home to keep (click on the video on where to keep your Will).

  5. Pay $200 / $500 in CASH or PayNow.

If you have any questions about Wills, please click here or visit www.willslawyersingapore.com