Wills — Frequently Asked Questions

Is our price really fixed NET with no consultation charges and hidden fees?

Yes, all prices for drafting the wills are clearly stated and include most complexities. We have drafted complex ​wills with trust arrangements, guardianship arrangements, waterfall clauses, contingent ​clauses within these prices.

Our fees are based on the current assets that you own and our wills drafted will cover ALL current and future assets.

I only have a HDB Flat, can I give it away by a Will?

Yes. That’s the whole purpose of a Will. After you die, your executor will have to obtain court approval for the Will (probate) and then the executor will have to make the transfer to the beneficiary at HDB using the court-approved will.

Who will handle my instructions in the Will after I die?

You will have to appoint at least one person (preferably two), who can be a beneficiary, to act as an executor of your Will after you die. An executor basically handles your estate i.e. liaise with the probate lawyer, go to HDB to transfer the house ownership, go to the banks, CDP, insurance to close the accounts and collect the monies and then distribute it to the persons named in your Will.

So after I die, my executor straight away can distribute my money and assets?

No. Your executor will usually hire a probate lawyer who is familiar with probate proceedings. He will have to bring the original Will to the court to obtain a grant of probate. Only after the grant of probate is extracted, then the executor can bring it to HDB, banks, insurance companies and CDP etc. We can also help you to obtain the grant of probate.

What happens if I don’t make a will?

Then your house and assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession ​Act. Please Google “Intestate Succession Act Singapore” and read about the distribution.

Can I draft a will myself?

Yes you can. But make sure you read the Wills Act and a Wills textbook (by G Rahman) first to ensure you ​comply with all the requirements. If your home-made Will is void, your assets will be ​distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act.

​If that happens and your assets go to someone whom you do not wish to give anything, ​ then it would be most unfortunate.