Employment Law

Employment advice from S$280 onwards

Every small business owner will know that employment law issues will invariably crop up in the internal processes of every business. We are well-versed with the Employment Act and employment law generally in Singapore, and are able to advise on issues including:

  • Rights and duties of directors
  • Confidentiality obligations
  • Guidelines for the employment of foreign personnel
  • Termination of employment
  • Non-compete and restraint of trade clauses
  • Wage benefits and workers’ compensation

We are also able to advise employees on their rights and duties under the Employment Act and general law.

Clients can choose between email advice (pay online) or a 30 minute physical consultation at our office.

Employment agreement from S$600 onwards

We are well versed on the needs and objectives of small business owners and individual clients in relation to the requirements of Singapore employment laws and to advise on the drafting of employment agreements. Moreover, given our combined knowledge in Singapore employment law, we are well positioned to offer efficient and comprehensive services to our diverse clients base regarding the strategic arrangement and efficient structuring of employment benefits, severance and retrenchment.

Our employment agreement is NOT a standard template employment agreement. We will draft a complex water-tight custom-made employment agreement after listening to our clients needs. The employment agreement will cover all the potential issues and problems that may arise in an employment relationship that you typically never see in standard employment agreements. We do this to protect the employer's interests.

Employee handbook from S$800 onwards

We are able to assist business owners in drafting employee handbooks to set out the general guidelines of employment applicable to employees of that company, the terms of which may be expressed to be incorporated into the contract of employment.