Deed Poll (Change of name)

Cost: S$50 (NETT fixed price)

A person is able to change his name (change Chinese characters, add English name, delete Hanyu Pinyin name, change surname, delete English names) by making a declaration by way of a deed poll, which is signed by the person in front of a lawyer.

For changing children's name (below 21 years old), BOTH PARENTS MUST COME DOWN TO SIGN the deed poll. If you are a single parent, divorced or spouse died, please click on FAQ button below.

The deed poll is accepted by the ICA for the issue of a new NRIC and/or passport. The birth certificate however cannot be amended to the new name.

If you have any questions about deed poll, please read our detailed deed poll FAQ here:



  1. Please fill up the form below with your name, mobile number, email address (please check carefully for typos as the confirmation message will be sent there) and preferred date and time. Please do NOT walk in - we are a private lawyer’s office and not a shop.

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  1. You will receive an instantaneous reply to the email address your provided. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not received the confirmation within five (5) minutes.

  2. Come to our office at 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588 (Lavender or Nicholl Highway MRT) and bring along your NRIC only, or birth certificate (for child).

  3. Five (5) minutes later, the deed poll will be ready. Check the deed poll and if it is correct, we will apply the red seal and you sign the deed poll. After you sign, our lawyer will sign and stamp his “Advocate & Solicitor” stamp. We will give you one original and one certified true copy.

  4. Pay S$50 in cash.

  5. Walk to ICA (10 minutes walk) away to submit the deed poll OR upload to ICA website within 28 days. Please see for procedure. We can scan the deed poll for online submission if you request.

  6. (Optional) - after you get your new NRIC, send a photocopy of the new NRIC and the deed poll to all the relevant agencies including mobile phone company, employer, school, SP Services, insurance company, CPF and bank. We will provide you with a template cover letter.