Deed Poll — Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure you can do a Deed Poll in five (5) minutes? How come other law firms need three ​days?

Yes it’s a very fast and simple process. A deed poll is a standard document where you insert the old name, the new name, the NRIC / Passport number and the address and can usually be done in less than five (5) minutes.

If you want to know why other law firms need three days, please call them.

I am a foreigner. Can I do a deed poll? Is it valid in my country?

Yes. Foreigners can make a Singapore deed poll for Singapore purposes such as blue NRIC, MOM work pass etc.

​We have done thousands of deed polls for foreigners from all nations from India, China, Malaysia even as far away as Ghana.

Singapore deed polls are not valid in other countries and if you want to reflect the same name change you have to get a deed poll in your country e.g. A Malaysian must get a Malaysian deed poll to change his name in his Malaysian NRIC / passport.

I lost my NRIC. How?

Bring along your passport or other photo identification document. Then bring the deed poll to ICA when making your replacement NRIC.

What restrictions are there on name change?

You can change to any name you want as long as it is not offensive, vulgar or against public policy. You can add English name, delete Hanyu Pinyin name, change English name, change Chinese Characters, male to female name, change to husband’s surname, anything you want – ALL FOR THE SAME FIXED PRICE.

I'm going to apply for PR / citizenship soon, can I do a deed poll now?

Yes you can do it now and submit with your PR / citizenship application. OR, you can apply PR / citizenship first under your old name and once you get your blue / pink NRIC then you do a deed poll to change it (more troublesome).

I'm converting to Islam / renouncing Islam, can I do a deed poll? Do I need to bring along Islamic certificate?

Yes you can change name or surname to Islamic name or delete Islamic name. You do not need to bring Islamic certificate.

I am divorced / single-parent / my husband has died. Can I do a deed poll for my child with one parent signing only?

If you are a single mother or your husband has died or you are divorced, we can do a deed poll for your child with only one parent signing, but we suggest you bring the divorce papers or death certificate to ICA as proof.

Do I need to change my passport too or only NRIC?

You are required to change passport within seven days of changing NRIC. We suggest you change passport and NRIC together.

I booked planes / hotel tickets in my old name. How?

The deed poll is valid for 28 days. If you need to travel soon then do the deed poll but go ahead and use your current passport and change your NRIC when you come back. If you are travelling a few months later and your tickets already booked, then change your NRIC and passport and bring original deed poll to airport for proof. If there is any issue with dates on the deed poll, we can always do a new deed poll with new date for you free of charge.

Do I need to carry the deed poll with me?

No, once you change your NRIC / Passport, your new name is “fixed” and you can keep your deed poll at home.

I lost my deed poll that I made a few years ago. How?

Make a new one either to reflect the same name change or to override it.

I am turning 30 next year / in two years. If I change my NRIC and passport now, do I still need to change when I am 30?

Yes you need to.