Civil litigation (lawsuits)

We have experience when it comes to legal disputes that involve civil (in particular commercial) litigation.

Due to the nature of lawsuits, it is not possible to provide an accurate estimate of the costs because lawyers will not know the number of Court hearings they will be required to attend, the number of applications taken out, the number of documents to be disclosed to the Court.

That is why most (if not all) law firms bill by the hour, meaning that clients will face unknown legal bills for their lawsuit.

However, at Lavocat Law, we offer unique fixed-price litigation packages that include:-

  1. Pleadings (Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim, Defence, Reply);

  2. Discovery (review and disclosure of documents);

  3. Attendance at unlimited Court hearings;

  4. Two day trial.

Our fixed-price package however excludes:-

  1. Court applications (e.g. summons for further and better particulars, summary judgement, striking out, security for costs, injunctions);

  2. Appeals;

  3. Enforcement (Court order to seize and auction off assets, freeze bank accounts to seize money, bankrutpcy)

Please contact Mr Quek at or 81020328 for a 30-minute consultation at $180 before engaging us. This will be offset against next bill if you engage us.

We are unable to provide free consultations as you will be getting 14 years of legal experience, not a junior associate or newly qualified lawyer tasked to handle enquiries.